Monday, September 27, 2010

Unit 9 post

I have just finished my paper for Comp. 2.  I am really nervous about it because I had to do some changes to it as far as content.  I also thought I had finished my paper yesterday, but after reading over it again today, it seems I had some of my resources mixed up.  Sometimes I get in a hurry when there is a deadline and I feel that I have not put my 100% into it and I get all mixed up.  Well, I submitted it today, again, and I left an email for Professor Barb. hoping that she has not already seen my first one.  I can't believe that I did that but I do not work well under pressure.  If I had used the writing center early on on my paper, I think that I would not have gotten so pressured, but I did not.  Good luck to everyone on their paper.

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