Monday, September 13, 2010

Unit 7 blog

How do I feel about peer reviews and what experience has mine been like. I feel that I try to keep the other writers feelings in mind when giving a peer review because I would not want someone being ugly to me. I can see things in other people’s papers that I do not see in mine. I welcome the advice and peer review because it gives me the opportunity to be able to see what my fellow classmates think of my work. I think that this really helps me to better understand where my paper is going in the wrong way and where I need to improve. I have had good experiences and bad experiences with peer reviews. Last term I gave one person a review and she really came back at me. I did not think that I had written anything out of the way but she really let me have it. I was really embarrassed but I apologized to her and the whole class and later she came back and apologized so everything was fine. But then, another person kept the conversation going with taking sides. I really think that that was unnecessary because apologizes were already made.


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