Friday, August 27, 2010

School influence

The decision to go back to school was very hard for me since I am in my 40's.  I wanted to years ago but did not get the chance.  Just this year I decided that this time would be as good as any to go back to school.  My mom kind of inspired me because she went back to school in her 40's and is still working in the area she went to school for.  I have always wanted a career that I could stand on my own two feet with.  A job that paid enough that I would not have to be dependent on someone else to take care of me all of the time.  This opportunity to attend classes at Kaplan on the online version has given me more confidence than I have had in a long time.  It has also given me something to look forward to, a new life.  It has made me realize that my fears of failure were now worth looking into.  I have always taught my children that as long as you have done the best you can at something and the grade is passing, it is acceptable.  In my classes at Kaplan I have tried to hold myself to a higher standard.  Just a passing grade is not enough for me.  This is a bit stressful, but at least I can work off the stress.  I am my worst critic, but I have such a great support system at home and through Kaplan that I feel good about the work that I do.  This satisfaction has flowed over into the job I have now.  I am satisfied with my life, job and whatever comes my way at this point.

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  1. That is a good thing you went back to school. Remember "The Man who thinks He Can", he can by Walter D. Winkle. I am in my 50's and decided to go back to school. School is learning and learning is so much fun!!!Keep smiling, peace Norma