Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I have learned a lot about citation, plagiarism, and APA format since I first began classes.  I realized in my English Comp 1 class just how important citation is.  Now it seems that I am going to learn the deeper side of citation.  The spacing and punctuation have to be just as important as putting the name of the author and date in the correct place.  I have printed a copy of chapter 12 and plan to read it thoroughly.  Then I will read it again.  I also have my handbook with me and I plan to keep it by my side throughout my Kaplan experience. 
I believe that giving credit where credit is due is important because if we did not, then everyone would be taking credit for the hard work a person puts into their pieces.  Whether this be an essay, discussion board, interview or book it is always someone's ideas, and if they are not yours you should be sure and cite it.  I have recently had someone take credit for someone elses idea.  The idea was not mine but all persons involved knew where the idea came from.  This person probably did not even realize that they were doing it but, in my understanding, even if you state something somebody else said as you were the one who came up with the idea, it is plagiarism.   My first feeling about the situation was shock, then a little anger, but in the end all persons involved knew where the idea originated from so we just let it go.  I could not imagine what it would be like if I had took the time to research something, do the interviews, leg work, and whatever else it took to write a book, and then have somebody come along and take credit for what I had done.  I guess I would have to talk with them first and if this did not settle the problem we would probably end up in court.

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